Life & Work

May 2019


May 21-Pastoral Care Meeting 10 am
May 21– Outreach Meeting  7:15 pm
May 24/25 – Rummage Sale
May 25– Hymn Sing deadline
May 30– Pass It On sort
June 2– Hymn Sing Fundraiser
June 9– New Members Celebration
June 16– Communion; Father’s Day
June 23-Picnic

U. C. W. News
Our U. C. W. Meeting will be held this coming Thursday May 9th at 1:30 in Balsdon Hall. The upcoming Rummage Sale (May 24 and 25) will be first and foremost on the agenda.
All ladies of the congregation are most welcome to attend any or all of our meetings. Lots of fellowship, cares and concerns following our devotion and business meetings.
Rummage Sale info will be available next week in the Life and Works.
Remember to Lug your Mug. Question: Yvonne @ 905-453-6383.
Food Bank
This month we turn our attention to the food bank at Ste Louise Outreach, a 38 year old charity functioning and thriving for families who are in dire need.
Their wish list contains:
 canned vegetables, fruit, luncheon meat, fish (tuna & salmon),
 rice
 pasta sauce
 carnation or powdered milk, instant coffee, tea
 flour, sugar, salt, pancake/muffin mix
 oil, vinegar, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard
Kids items: formula (not jar food), juice boxes, peanut free snacks, diapers (sizes 4+)
Personal Items: toilet paper, toothpaste/brushes, body/dish soaps, body wash, shampoo /conditioner, razors & laundry soap
If you would prefer to provide a monetary donation, (and thus receive a tax receipt through St Barts) you may make cheques out to St Bartholomew’s United Church and note on the bottom of the cheque that it is for Ste. Louise. Rent and utilities need to be paid to keep their premises open.
Pass It On
Our sort on Thursday, April 25th was the biggest one of the year. It was a VERY BUSY morning!
13 volunteers prepared 78 bags/bins/boxes for five charities. 23 of those were for Regeneration Outreach Community.
Our Prom sort was on May 2nd. Details about that next week…
Our next sort will be May 16th.
United Church Head Office Assessment
We have received our assessment for 2019 from the United Church Head Office for central operating expenses. Under the new organizational structure of the United Church, this replaces the former Presbytery and Conference assessment, which was largely based on the number of members in our con-gregation. A new approach for allocating central operating expenses is based on the level of revenues of each congregation. The approach is consistent across all congregations of The United Church of Canada.
For 2019, we have set the individual assessment in our congregation at $45 per person. Please remit your assessment and mark your envelope – “UC Assessment”. Thank you in advance. Terry Gabel – Treasurer.
Toonie Challenge for 2019
There is a container in Balsdon Hall to accept your Loonies, Toonies and loose change toward our Toonie Challenge for 2019. Envelopes are available for larger donations in order to receive credit on your 2019 donation receipt for income tax purposes.
Used Magazine Collection Box
Thank you so much for our overflowing basket. Barb reports that the residents continue to really enjoy the opportunity to have magazines to read.
Please continue to bring in magazines of various types: relating to fashion, gossip, food, sports, cars etc. & deposit them in the box in the sanctuary – next to the food bank.
Plastic bags for Regeneration Outreach Community
This initiative will be ongoing in 2019. The Clothing Room at Regen contin-ues to need plastic bags for guests to carry out the clothing chosen. Please bring any plastic grocery bags you may have and place on the Balsdon Hall stage – labeling them “Regen bags”. It would be VERY helpful if individual bags were folded before placing them in a single bag for delivery to us.
Thank you soooo much for the recent bags that have been donated.
This continues to be a high priority need.
Hymn Sing 

Do you have a hymn(s) you would like to sing during service? Choose your favorite hymn (s) for $10 each and buy as many ballots as you like. Ten hymns will be drawn on May 25. The more ballots, the better the chance your hymn will be selected.
Ballots available after worship or in the office until May 25 Our Hymn Sing will take place on June 2 during Sunday Worship.

Men’s Club
Given the ongoing strong turnout at their weekly meeting, the Men’s Club covered the full cost of the squares that were served at lunch  at the Card Party fundraiser.
The Men’s Club meets every Wednesday morning at 10 am in Balsdon Hall for an hour of coffee, cookies and fellowship. This past week, the Men’s Club was treated to to homemade scones courtesy of Eunice Whittaker!! Thank you Eunice!!